Is LASIK Better Than Glasses or Contact Lenses?

Many people having low vision or medical conditions are advised by the doctor to wear vision glasses or contact lens. The simplest reason to advise wearing glasses or lenses is that it assists people to see clear & better.

Unlike many, few people prefer to wear glasses only when their work requires focus or while reading or watching TV.

Glasses & lenses aid people to overcome myopia (nearsightedness) & hyperopia(farsightedness). Global research hints that by the year 2050, roughly half the world population will be having nearsightedness (myopic) issues. This estimation makes it mandatory for us to take care of our eyes, which support in vision improvement.

Various vision correction devices like glasses and contact lenses are used. Wearing glasses or contact lenses might assist in dealing with vision difficulties, but these basic vision correction devices also come with their own shortcomings. Not only glasses or lens are costly but also require to be changed as per the change in vision sight. They demand maintenance & may create a frustrating situation when you forget to carry them along with you.

Laser eye surgery is another solution to get rid of the regular troubles of contacts or glasses.

Why are Lasik Better Than Glasses or Contact Lenses?

Recently laser eye surgery has become a popular solution to treat vision problems; many people are still unaware of its benefits. Lifestyle freedom is the main interest of many people opting for LASIK surgery.

  • Ease in doing daily routine work – Lasik eye surgery makes your life much simpler as you don’t need to search for your glasses or contact lenses just to check the time in the clock or read your favorite book.
  • Freedom to opt for adventure – May it be your love for aggressive mountain biking or climbing, vision problem won’t hold you back. Ditching glasses or lenses and choosing Lasik gives you the freedom to live your life with adventure. You no more have to worry about damaged contact lenses or broken glasses while on an adventure rollercoaster.
  • Resolving common vision problems – LASIK eye surgery may be an answer for multiple basic vision difficulties like nearsightedness, farsightedness & astigmatism.
  • Maintenance cost cut down – Unlike glasses and contact lenses, Lasik doesn’t require any maintenance. Glasses and contact lens are prone to damage & breakage. Undergoing LASIK surgery means no more money is spent on glasses, contacts, and maintenance supplies.
  • The choice to enjoy water activity – Casual swimming, water park fun with family, or going for deep-sea diving will no more be challenging for people undergoing laser eye surgery to treat their vision problem. While glasses and lenses were obstacles while enjoying water activity, laser eye surgery gives you the liberty to have water fun.

Lasik holds countless benefits, but you need to consult your eye specialist to know details about the treatment. Candidate for laser eye surgery needs to be at least 18 years of age & should have good overall health.

Curious in discovering furthermore concerning laser eye surgery and reviewing your options with an expert, professional team? Get in touch with our skilled LASIK specialist for the right advice.