7 Tips You Need to Follow this Monsoon for Healthy Eyes

The monsoon is a season where there is a respite from the heat of summer. It is good to get drenched in the rain once in a while as everyone loves the monsoon. But the monsoon is also a season of infection and bacteria which affect the maximum number of people. Monsoon acts as a catalyst and a commuting medium for the viruses. Even if there is a little carelessness towards personal hygiene it can lead to major illness and health concerns.

eye care during monsoon

Common Eye Infections

The eye being the most sensitive part of the body is most prone to illnesses and disease during the monsoon season. Conjunctivitis, Corneal ulcers, dry eyes, and style are all illnesses that are most common during the rainy seasons. Redness, swelling, and burning eyes are the general symptoms of an infection.

Precautionary Measures

To protect your eyes, you must take precautionary measures during the monsoon. Here are 7 tips you must follow during the monsoon for healthy eyes:

  • Prevent Dust Storms and Use Sunglasses

Dust particles can be a major concern of eye irritation and infections. Thus, you must avoid dust storms. Using sunglasses during dust storms will help you get the protective coverage for the eyes from dirt. Moreover, if you get caught in a dust storm you must make sure that you wash your eyes with cold water to clear all the dirt, immediately.

  • Cleanse Your Contact Lenses Properly Before Use

If you are a habitual wearer of contact lenses, you must make sure to use them with utmost care. Using contact lenses during monsoons without cleaning them can lead to major eye infection and irritation.

  • Often Wash Your Eyes with Cold Water

Develop a habit of washing your eyes with cold water every time you come from a dust storm. Do not splash water on the eyes, but gently wash your eyes with water to clear the dust as these remain within and around the eyes.

  • Avoid Sharing Towels and Napkins

Eye infections are communicable. Thus sharing napkins, towels and handkerchief can be a source of communicable infection and bacteria from the infected members to others. Thus you must avoid sharing them.

  • Eat healthy food

The rainy season often causes increase in craving of junk and street food. However, unhealthy eating only causes the increase in chances of eye infections. Therefore, intake of food and drinks must be avoided. Instead, you must eat healthy vegetables, fruits and salad. You should eat leafy vegetables, berries, corn, yogurt and eggs in your diet during the rainy season.

  • Do Not Use Eye Makeup

Girls, you must stay away from mascara and kohl during the rainy season. Cosmetic or eye makeup can be a catalyst for bacterial and viral infections and can harm your eyes. Also, store your makeup and cosmetics in a cold place to avoid them from being infectious.

  • Do Not Self Medicate

We often think that eye problems will last for a few days and will pass away. We often visit a medical store nearby and get eye drops or medications without a doctor’s prescription to treat our eye problems. If you have an eye problem that is causing you problems, then you must visit an ophthalmologist immediately.