Preventing Cataracts with your Diet

While you may think that visiting your optometrist on a regular basis to get your eyes checked may seem to relieve all your problems, you may need help with your eyes a little bit more than that. Seeing your doctor on a biannual basis is important, but there are more important things such as consuming a diet which is helpful to the eyes maintaining regular vision. One of the best ways to maintain good vision is to eat foods which are rich is certain nutrients. Below are certain foods which should be consumed into the body to avoid the eyes from developing cataracts and help maintain regular vision.

High Antioxidant Compounds

Foods that have high antioxidant compounds are good for your vision and avoiding cataracts. The best part is that these vegetables are really easy to spot when you are in the produce section. Fruits and vegetables that have bright colors are what you should be looking for in the produce section. That means there should be purchasing things like leafy green, fall-hued squashes, citruses with sunny hues, and rich purple and red fruits and vegetables.


You may not know these but most food which comes from plants vegetables are rich in carotenoids which are most beneficial aspects someone can have in a healthy diet. Carotenoids are also present in the eye, which generally as a rule of thumb means, consuming such foods are good for the health of the eye. There are studies which have shown that the development of cataracts in the eye can be counteracted by the consumption of foods which are rich in carotenoids. Foods that are rich in carotenoids in diet are pumpkins, carrots, squash, leafy greens, tomatoes and more.

Vitamin C

When people think Vitamin C, they most likely think of a glass of orange juice. While oranges are a fruit which are rich in Vitamin C, there are other fruits that have the attributes as well. Seeing how eating fruits which are rich in vitamin C can result in cataracts from progressing, it is important that you consume your fair share of oranges, along with kiwis, strawberries and grapefruits.

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