Eyespots, Flashes, and Floaters

Have you seen specks of thread and spots float across your field of vision? Most times, these specks or thread like floater in your eyes are just a cause of aging. However, if these symptoms are new or get worse, it is better that you contact your doctor before things gets out of hand.

spots, flashes and floaters

What are eye spots, flashes and floaters?

Floaters can be judged on the basis of the sort of effect they have on your vision. They are thread-like spots, specks that float across your eyes. They are actually small, semi-transparent or cloudy particles within the vitreous. They come in different types and shape and can come in the form of dark-spots, dirt, worms, or other form as perceived by the vision. Some of them move around while some of them are stationary.

What causes spots and floaters?

Floaters are flecks of protein that are trapped in the back of the eye. New or large floaters are caused in most cases due to the vitreous gel which detaches from the back wall of the eyeball. Although this sounds a little scary, this is generally a part of the aging process. Certain eye disease or injuries can also cause floaters.

Are floaters and spots serious?

Sometimes the problem with floaters and spots is that it can be serious, but normally it is normal. The seriousness of the problem only occurs when there is a sudden increase in their number and are accompanied by flashes of light.

What are flashes?

Flashes are brief lightning streaks or other light formation which is formed at the side of the eye that cannot be called a floater or spots. They can be similar as to when there is a flashes going off in the camera when clicked. Every flash occurs for only a split second. They are typically white and are more visible in the dark.  Each of these flashes occur when the gel is pulled away from the retina  as a result of tugging (the back lining of the eye like the film in the back of camera that receives visual images and sends them to the brain).  Each time the vitreous gel is pulled away from the retina you will see a flash of light.